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Casino Share Intelligence

Casino Share Intellegence, CSI Market Share, CSI Patron Share, CSI Wallet Share

If knowledge is power, then prepare for superhuman strength. By accessing GCA’s unrivaled database of player data, Casino Share Intelligence (CSI) derives robust algorithms that deliver trended shared reports over a 12-month period. These include: 

Market Share

CSI Market Share reports the percentage of all GCA patron withdrawal dollars at your casino compared to dollars withdrawn in your competitive market—depicted in graphs or convenient heat map format. Maximize your share of the market with CSI Market Share.

Patron Share

CSI Patron Share reports the percentage of all GCA patrons that made at least one withdrawal at your casino compared to the number of patrons in your competitive market.

Wallet Share

For those patrons that visited your casino and have at least one withdrawal, what percentage of patrons’ total wallet are you capturing?

CSI Wallet Share offers a variety of patron filters—including value, age and distance—to refine results which enable you to identify shifts in share so you can take immediate action. This robust tool can even identify the top players in your market—and analyze how much cash they’re withdrawing in your casino compared to your competitors. For the first time ever, you’ll be equipped with information to proactively prevent player defection.

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