Central Credit Gaming Report
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Our extensive database of 14 million multi-casino gaming patrons is the foundation for direct marketing campaigns that yield response rates as high as 12 percent—many times over the average success rate. QuikMarketing equips marketing executives with a means to deliver highly-targeted, cost-effective marketing initiatives that help capture new patrons—and strengthen your relationships with your existing ones.

Advantages for You:

  • Marketing efficiency by targeting known gaming patrons
  • Access to vital data on over 95% of gaming patrons who access funds on-property, nationwide within GCA’s network
  • Supported by GCA’s extensive database of over 95 million records, including over 14 million gaming customers
  • Pinpoint accuracy for targeting specific gaming patrons
  • Fast turnaround for time-sensitive marketing materials
  • Captures new patron data for building ongoing loyalty marketing programs
  • Detailed reporting of results for each promotion available

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