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GCA FlexChex Casino Check Verification


Maximize the cash access options available to your patrons by upgrading your casino check cashing services. Gain the power to accept more checks for larger amounts—while mitigating losses associated with check acceptance. It happens through Central Credit's Casino Check Verification. Partnerships with leading check warranty providers—and our insight into the unique requirements of the gaming industry—enable us to strengthen your casino check cashing capabilities and boosts casino cage efficiency by taking care of the casino check verification process.


Eliminate the risks of returned checks completely with Central Credit’s casino check warranty services. This Guarantee means Central Credit provides powerful casino credit decision-making products by assuming 100% of the risk—courtesy of our industry breadth, powerful partnerships and extensive experience.


Reward your best players with greater casino check cashing flexibility. Preferred status enables customized risk rules for your most valued patrons, which results in increased check approvals for them and a greater capacity to accommodate higher check values for you with the security of casino check warranty services provided by Central Credit assuming 100% of the risk.

FlexChex Casino Check Cashing

FlexChex is a brand-new casino cash handling product that enhances the customer experience and boosts casino cage efficiency by clearly communicating the total amount of available cash upon the customer’s first inquiry. Say goodbye to questions about how much cash is available, and the frustrations associated with declined transactions—clear delineations of “available balance” and “available limit” create clarity, efficiency and convenience with FlexChex.


Give your patrons the options to further customize their gaming experience by streamlining their casino check cashing and defining check cashing limits. It takes just seconds to establish casino check verification and confirm the parameters, and the customer gets fast casino cash access while you get the security of casino check warranty services with Central Credit assuming 100% of the risk.

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