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GCA's QuikCash kiosks are a main stay in casinos across the US and around the world. Facilitating credit and debit transactions in a self service environment, casinos choose to place the kiosks throughout the gaming floor most often near the cashier cage, ATMs or integrated kiosks.

Although appearing quite simple, QuikCash yields an amazing one, two punch. The patron enjoys the privacy of attempting either a credit or debit transaction and rather than receiving a "decline" message from their issuing bank for what was a "referral", GCA intercepts the process and directs the patron to pick-up the attached hand set. GCA's call center proceeds to work with both the patron and issuing bank in a three party call to ensure all attempts have been made to approve the patrons transaction.

In 2011, GCA's call center intercepted thousands of these calls and turned what would have been declines to the card holder and lost revenue to the casino, into over $70,000,000 of cash to the gaming floor.

QuikCash is integrated with QCP, QCPXpress and CashClub.

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