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Our Commitment

Since the beginning, GCA has had a long-standing commitment to promoting responsible gaming. In 1999 we launched our Responsible Gaming Partnership program, a first of many responsible gaming partnerships to address underage and problem gambling. GCA has since been working with leading responsible gaming associations worldwide to develop the most comprehensive tools in the industry to help prevent problem gamblers from obtaining funds in a casino.

With a global reach and a local focus, our initiatives and controlled solutions enable casinos to enhance their promotion of responsible gaming while helping them comply with local laws, customs and culture in the prevention of problem gambling. GCA's unique solutions allow for specific tracking and limit options found to be valuable in the prevention of problem gambling specific to both the customer or transaction.

Our commitment to responsible gaming is as old as our company itself. Our Responsible Gaming Partnership program was officially launched in 1999, the first of many successful initiatives designed to combat underage and problem gambling. Since that time, we’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with leading problem gaming associations worldwide to develop tools to protect players with these challenges from obtaining funds inside casinos.

Our approach is both global and local: a worldwide presence with a community-based emphasis. GCA’s initiatives and controlled solutions help casinos promote responsible gaming, adhere to local laws, and operate in a manner that’s congruent with local customs and cultures.