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GCA also assists problem gamblers directly through our own programs, which have proven effective at helping problem gamblers limit or exclude themselves from accessing funds across GCA’s network of cash access services.


Think. Be Responsible.

This was the first initiative that we developed in conjunction with the NCPG. Still in place, TBR was the springboard for the series of efforts that soon followed. Through TBR, GCA displays highly visible decals with the NCPG helpline number on all ATMs and cash access kiosks in the United States. In addition, a TBR greeting is played to callers to the GCA call center and a patron merely needs to say “help” to be instantly connected to their local NCPG hotline. GCA provides casinos with brochures and posters on responsible gaming, cards for employees to distribute at their discretion, and “Think. Be Responsible.” buttons for employees to wear. Through TBR, GCA also helps arrange professional training sessions for casino employees on how to identify underage and problem gamblers, and how to successfully intervene.

Self Transaction Exclusion Program (STeP)

We strongly believe that STeP is the most unique and successful responsible gaming program available. While casino-run exclusion programs encompass individual gaming properties, STeP provides a way for gamblers to block their own access to cash across GCA’s entire network of ATMs, cash access kiosks, and booth services in 1,100 locations around the world. Simply put, in one simple step problem gamblers can exclude themselves from obtaining cash in the majority of the world’s casinos. People who believe they have a problem can download a form from GCA’s website and indicate which cards and/or accounts they want to restrict. Once entered, the account will be denied at all GCA access points for at least one year. After a year customers can terminate their enrollment in STeP, however if they do not, the restriction continues. The STeP exclusion is effective on credit cards, ATM debit cards, and checking accounts at both machine terminals and cashier’s desks.

To use STEP:
Download the required Reject Card or Reactivate Card form.

Print out appropriate form – Reject Card instructs GCA to reject cash advances, Reinstate Card instructs GCA to remove the rejection

Fill in appropriate form – one form instructs GCA to reject cash advances (Reject Card), the other instructs GCA to remove the rejection (Reinstate Card)

Mail completed form to:
Global Cash Access, Inc.,
Attn: Denise Spada
7250 S Tenaya Way, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89113
or fax to 702-262-5062

Questions? Call 800-833-7110

Merchant STeP

While the above initiatives serve gaming patrons, Merchant STeP makes it easy for casino operators to meet statutory requirements and prevent cash access for patrons listed on regional exclusion lists. The operator simply enters or uploads patron information into GCA’s nationwide database, and when a patron with matching information attempts to perform a transaction at that property the operator is alerted.


GCA’s responsible gaming programs work.

Hundreds of individuals have benefited from STeP, and still more have contacted their local problem gambling organization with our help. Meanwhile, we remain dedicated to the continued development of programs that combat problem gambling through proactive and effective measures. Through investigating and developing new ways to promote responsible gaming, GCA is committed to providing help to patrons who need it, and to making the casino experience more enjoyable and sustainable for everyone.

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