Central Credit Gaming Report
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Resolution Center

A lot happens between the moments a customer initiates a casino debit card withdrawal and that customer reviews their bankcard statement. The dedicated and experienced analysts of our Resolution Center are adept at providing timely and effective solutions if concerns should arise at any point along the way. From suspect transaction activity to out-of-balance reports to general inquiries about a casino debit card transaction, these are the professionals who provide insight with immediacy.

GCA's Resolution Center allows managers the opportunity to focus on running the casino floor without having to take time out to research and address each casino debit card inquiry. Should a patron ever have a concern about a casino debit, GCA Resolution Center agents can address it. The professionals who staff the GCA Resolution Center are familiar with casino operations and banking transactions and provide top notch customer service. 

Forgot to void a transaction? Concerns about a patron's charge or casino debit card transaction? Bank returned a GCA check? Call 1-800-644-0439 or click here to contact GCA.